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reBom Cosmetics implements a smart factory to establish a precise manufacturing,
quality and production system, and is doing our best to meet the customer's expectation

Production Process

Material management Packaging Material Management System (PMMS)

reBom has an automated warehousing management system for real-time material warehousing and release control.
With the PMMS for raw material/material control, and delicate barcode system for general control, the materials are traced in real time from warehousing, release, transfer, production, to shipment.

Raw material weighing Raw material Weighing Management System (RWMS)

Based on the electronic scale linked to ERP and barcode system, reBom’s raw material weighing system delivers almost errorless 99.9% precise weighing results, achieving quality assurance and customer trust.

Manufacturing Material Manufacturing System (MMS)

Manufacturing history management system archives LOT-specific manufacturing history data (raw material input, temperature, RPM) and implements equal management of each LOT subject to analysis.


Top-quality products are manufactured in a clean, automated, modernized, and performance-quantified environment fully equipped with CGMP, software and hardwares. POP system interlinked with ERP system is employed along with cutting-edge equipment for real-time production monitoring in order to maximize productivity and maintain the best performance to meet the deadlines.